PSYCHOLOGY  (GCSE) Miss L Bullinaria

Key dates Remaining coursework deadlines
All examination dates
UNIT 1 6/6
UNIT 2 9/6
What revision should students do over Easter? Specific tasks / how long they should take
Past exam papers. 1.5h each. Revision guide. Depends how much they have left to complete. PLCs and revise study cards
What resources should students use for revision? Specific books / resource packs from class / websites
Have they got these already?
Where are they available from if not?
Revision guide 1 – from L Bullin
Revision guide 2 – from L Bullin
Key cards for unit 1 and 2 – from L Bullin
PLCS for unit 1 and 2 – from L Bullin
Past exam papers – printed and on L Bullin’s shelf for pupils to take for revision.
One top tip One key thing that will lead to success in this subject area
Write info/ studies/ evaluation in your own words. Remember ‘Levels of processing’ – you’re more likely to remember information if it is semantic (has meaning) and processed in a way you understand!

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