Key dates The pupils are currently producing work for their GCSE practical exam portfolio.
The final exam is on 28th April.
They have 3 hours to complete in.
What revision should students do over Easter? The exam portfolio requires a minimum of 10 sets of photos based on the theme the pupil has chosen from the exam paper.
These photos must be annotated explaining the process they undertook and show a consistent level of skill and understanding of the key aspects of digital photography.
The reason for the practical exam is for the students to demonstrate that they can work from a theme; they can work independently and take photos outside of the classroom environment – this is crucial so pupils need to be planning ahead and discussing ideas with Mr Richards about suitable locations etc.
What resources should students use for revision? Before the holidays pupils need to look over their entire exam portfolio and check if there are gaps and plan what the next sets of photos should be.
They should copy the annotation and analysis resources onto Google Docs to use from home.
One top tip Photos do not have to be taken on location but can be done at home using table lamps for lighting or by placing objects or people beside a window to maximise the bright natural light in the images.

The GCSE Photography Formula: