PE (GCSE & BTEC) Mr S Bosdet

Key dates GCSE -  Analysis of performance (speaking and listening)
Mr Cutress and Mr Robinsons groups – 11th March
Mr Phipps and Mr Earlys groups – 14th March
GCSE - External Moderation
Friday 18th March TBC
GCSE -  Theory paper Friday 20th May
BTEC – Coursework Moderation 29th April
What revision should students do over Easter? GCSE – All 1.2 PLC’s (Students should look to make neat revision cards in addition to the ones they have made for 1.1).
BTEC – Complete all unfinished coursework. Once complete revise from unit 1 PLC booklet.
What resources should students use for revision? GCSE – Use resources in GCSE PE folder shared with them on Google Drive.
BTEC –  Unit 1 PLC booklet
One top tip Associate PLC information to PLC questions. This can be done by underlining/ highlighting the question topic/domain.

Edexcel Questions

Edexcel Markschemes

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