Key dates We’ll be studying the exam topic (Sci-Fi Films) up until the preliminary material is released on 25th April.
Students will then work independently on this up until their exam on 24th May.
What revision should students do over Easter? Ensure that their own blog is completely up-to-date (a traffic light tracker will be shared to help them with this) and independently research any areas of weakness.
What resources should students use for revision? Along with any independent research they do on their own blogs, their best online resource is the blog I’ve created. This is updated with resources, key notes and information and useful links after every Media lesson, so a bit of a one-stop shop for them!
One top tip Look at the key concepts whenever looking at different aspects of the exam topic (Media Language, Audience, Institutions, Representation)

AQA GCSE Media Studies Past Papers & Mark Schemes:
(Exam papers and mark schemes from previous years. Although they are on different topics, it’s useful to see what examiners look for and the typical types of questions on exam papers)

CBSC Media GCSE Exam Blog:
(A range of resources to support what has been covered during Media lessons)

IMDB - Highest rated science fiction films:
(A list of successful and critically acclaimed science-fiction films for research purposes)

British Film Institute:
(Useful information about British film, but also how films and genres have developed over time)