Key dates Language:
Speaking and listening exams – wc 14th March
Reading Paper - 3rd May
Writing paper - 6th May
Drama and Prose - 23rd May
Poetry and unseen - 27th May
What revision should students do over Easter? Language retake:
Students should complete the revision workbook they will be supplied with. This should take around 2 hours.
Students should learn the 10 key quotes from each text they have studied. They have quote booklets to help them with this. They should also use their revision guides to create mind-maps of the themes and characters within the texts.
Finally they should re-read the poems. 1 a day will mean they cover just about all of them in the fortnight.
What resources should students use for revision? Revision guides for the set texts are available from the school shop. They can also borrow copies of the texts to re-read them from their teacher
They also have notecard booklets with quotes in and their poetry anthology.
For language, they will be supplied with a workbook before we break up. This will also be shared on SMH.
One top tip Mind Map themes and characters.

English iGCSE Language Core Reading Paper:

English iGCSE Language Reading Paper:

An Inspector Calls

To Kill a Mockingbird

Lord of the Flies

AQA Conflict Poetry

Of Mice and Men