Key dates Controlled assessment final improvements – 24th March
Final Exam – Wednesday 8th June – 2 hours AM
What revision should students do over Easter? Exam Theory – All students should be carrying out background reading on the following topics:
Data -“Computers are able to store and manipulate large quantities of data. They use binary to represent different types of data. Students are expected to learn how different types of data are represented in a computer.”
Computers - “Students must be familiar with the hardware and software components that make up a computer system and recognise that computers come in all shapes and sizes from embedded microprocessors to distributed clouds.”
Communication and the internet - “Computer networks and the internet are now ubiquitous. Many computer applications in use today would not be possible without networks. Students should understand the key principles behind the organisation and of computer networks. Ideally, they should be able to experiment by setting up a simple network.”
The bigger picture - “Students should be aware of emerging trends in computing technology and recognise that computing has an impact on nearly every aspect of the world in which they live.”
Additional data on the subtopics that must be covered will be provided before the Easter holidays.
Students can also check the course specification by viewing the pdf below
What resources should students use for revision? Students will need to access the exam theory material via: BBC Bite Size, Exam Theory link in the RMunify Computer Science website. The YouTube channel by ‘craigndave’ has a useful set of resources. They have written notes they should use as well.
The series of books that we would recommend are “Edexcel GCSE Computer Science principles of computer science” by Steve Cushing, published by Hodder Education.
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Edexcel Computer Science GCSE:

Edexcel Computer Science GCSE - Course Specification:

BBC Bitesize GCSE Computer Science:

Exam Theory - Cambridge GCSE Computing Online:

YouTube - craigndave channel:

CBSC Computer Science GCSE:

Teach ICT GCSE Computing:

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