ART (GCSE / NCFE) Mrs L Avery

Key dates The GCSE and NCFE Practical art exam is on 21st and 22nd April. This is worth 40% of the final grade and can lift their coursework grade up if they achieve a grade higher for the exam than their coursework.
The exam portfolio requires realistic pencil drawings, pictures drawn from internet research, own photos and copies of artist’s work who link to the theme or style the pupil is working in. This can be done using a variety of materials including colour pencil, watercolour and acrylic paints. The minimum number of artworks required is 24 using a combination of A4 and A3 pictures.
What revision should students do over Easter? Students must be working on the exam work over Easter.
They must be fully aware of any gaps they have in their portfolio and be working to complete additional pictures which are relevant and cover the assessment criteria.
They have an exam tracker to follow.
What resources should students use for revision? All printing of research images should be done prior to the holidays so they have them to work from at home.
If they do not have art materials at home, they can either draw out the pictures ready to colour in in class or, they can borrow them from their teacher.
One top tip Consistency is key. The exam theme should continue throughout the portfolio and ideas should be developed in different ways using a variety of materials rather than only illustrated in one image.
The skill level across all pieces must be consistent.

Julia Stubbs - Fine art - Esme Clarke at work:

A* Grade Exam Portfolio:

C Grade Exam Portfolio: